Carpet Spot Guide


Scrape Use spoon or dull knife to remove bulk of spill.
Blot Use soft terri-cloth towel and press firmly on spot.
Flush Use cold water only.
Dry Cleaning Solvents Apply dry cleaning solvent to a clean white terri-cloth towel and work spot.
Wet-Spotter Mix 1 part mild dish soap with 8 parts cold water.
Rinse Mix 1 part white vinegar with 4 parts cold water.
Weight Method Use 20 paper towels w/aluminum foil on top and place heavy weight object on top for 24 hours.
DO Act as soon as possible removing old spots is complicated, so act fast.
Remove as much as possible by scraping, blotting and/or sponging.
Always work spot from edges to middle.
Call a professional if you have questions.
DON’T Never use heat or hot water, as the could set colors.
Never rub carpet. This could fray the ends.
Never apply solvents directly to spot. Use solvents in well vented rooms and away from sparks, and wear rubber gloves.
Don’t use vinegar on cotton.
Don’t use alcohol on acrylics.
Don’t use enzymes on wool or silk.
Don’t work on a spot if you don’t know what it is or what to use. Call a professional like Gemini Carpet Cleaning .. 402-477-6868.
Alcoholic Beverages Blot – flush – and blot again. Repeat if necessary. If red wine, soak with white wine and flush. Use weight method above.
Blood Scrape – bot – flush – apply a 1 to 8 solution of ammonia and water – rinse – blot.
Chewing Gum Apply ice and scrape.
Coffee – Tea Blot – flush – (if cream and suga) follow with wet spotter – rinse and blot.
Cosmetice Scrape – blot – wipe with dry solvents – blot – wet spotter – rinse and blot.
Kool-Aid Blot – flush – blot – flush – blot and flush – blot (lots of water) and blot.
Nail Polish Scrape – blot – wipe with rag treated with acetone (nail polish remover) and blot.
Egg Scrape – use ice cold water when mixing wet spotter and rinse (cold) and blot.
Grease/Oil/Butter Scrape – blot – apply coarse absorbent such as corn meal. Allow to set over night and vacuum in morning. If spot persists, wipe with solvent. If necessary use wet spotter and rinse and blot.
Ink Blot – spray with hair spray – blot – repeat.
Rust Moisten with cold water, squeeze on lemon juice, flush and blot.
Paint (Latex) Scrape – blot, use wet spotter – rinse and blot.
Paint (Oil Based) Scrape – blot – wipe with solvent – follow with wet spotter – rinse and blot.
Pet Spots (Urine) Blot – flush – blot – rinse – blot.
Pet Spots (Feces) Scrape – rinse – blot – wet spotter – blot – rinse – blot

Call A Professional
When you have a question about what to do or what you’ve done, or when the spot is too big to handle.
Call Gemini Carpet Cleaning


Over the last few weeks, we have all been closely monitoring COVID-19 and its impact on
Lincoln and our surrounding communities.

Our thoughts are with each of you, your families, and all those around the globe who have been affected by the outbreak. Here at Gemini Carpet Cleaning, it is business as usual because we understand that now, more than ever, keeping your home clean and sanitized is of utmost importance.

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*Our cleaning technicians are taking the necessary precautions before entering our
customers' homes and businesses, we would appreciate it if you would take those same
precautions prior to scheduling your appointments. Thank you.