Satisfied Customers2

Your technician was so courteous and friendly. He did a terrific job!

Linda Decker, Lincoln, NE

I have always been very happy with the service and quality of work from your company! Thank you!

Jill Tranowicz, Lincoln

I had a guest over while you were cleaning and she said ‘I am going to have him clean my carpets, he did such a thorough job!

Dr. Steven & Kit Saathoff, Lincoln, NE

The man who cleaned our carpet was great! I always recommend your store!

Connie Freudenberg, Lincoln, NE

Ray was very pleasant, prompt and did a good job!

Kerri & Nathan Denell, Lincoln

We were impressed with your employees and the very good work they did.

David & Annette Gifford, Lincoln, NE

I am very pleased with how clean you were able to get my carpet! I will definitely have you back, Ray was a very kind man.

Lucinda Johnson, Goehner NE

It is nice to know that after 30 years, the service has not changed. Great Job!

Dennis & Elizabeth Klawonn, Lincoln

Ray did an amazing job. I am so pleased with how my carpets look!! Thank you!

Rod & Lesley Scher, Lincoln

Thank you for the beautiful job on our carpet. Todd did a great job explaining everything and what results to expect. All of his work exceeded my expectations!! He was extremely efficient and I will be highly recommending you to anyone who needs their carpet cleaned. I feel much better with the new addition to our family now crawling around the carpet.

Stephanie Wilson, Lincoln

Bruce continues to do an outstanding job for us as he is very committed to satisfying the customer’s needs.

Ellen & Glen Lefler, Lincoln, NE

I’m always pleased by the efficiency and professionalism that is displayed by the men who come to clean our home.

Sally Pollard

Over the last few weeks, we have all been closely monitoring COVID-19 and its impact on
Lincoln and our surrounding communities.

Our thoughts are with each of you, your families, and all those around the globe who have been affected by the outbreak. Here at Gemini Carpet Cleaning, it is business as usual because we understand that now, more than ever, keeping your home clean and sanitized is of utmost importance.

As a part of your everyday preventative actions, it is important to think about how you are
cleaning your home amid this crisis. In addition to washing your hands, your phone and about
everything else that you come in contact with, you should also consider cleaning the soft
surface areas of your home to include your carpet, area rugs, and upholstery.
Did you know that steam cleaning soft surfaces has proven effective in killing germs, bacteria,
viruses and dust mites? Dirty surfaces can aggravate allergies and make cold and flu
symptoms linger.

One of the quickest ways to improve indoor air quality is to clean the filter
that catches all these pollutants - your carpet and upholstery!
We value you, our loyal customers, and support the health and well-being of you and your
families. Therefore, we are offering a 15% DISCOUNT when you schedule carpet or upholstery
cleaning with us.

Call us at 402.477.6868 for a deep, steam cleaning of your soft surfaces! Be sure to ask about
our fresh scent Disinfectant Solution that can be applied after we clean.
As a locally-owned, family business it is a privilege to serve this community for more than 40
years and we wish you all continued health and hope.





*Our cleaning technicians are taking the necessary precautions before entering our
customers' homes and businesses, we would appreciate it if you would take those same
precautions prior to scheduling your appointments. Thank you.